Understanding Natural Vs Makeup

Understanding Natural Vs Makeup

An idea of beauty is something everyone possess and the chances of them matching are always there. There is the socially accepted definition of beauty and then there are many people give. 


Beauty of the face comes in two ways.

Everyone thrives to look beautiful some for themselves and some for others. The one who wish to look beautiful for themselves don’t have to work really hard since they know what they actually want while the standards of others keep
changing with time.

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Now that there are two ways only to attain the beauty you wish to have.

The beauty you possess naturally and the beauty you attain after you put on makeup.

With makeup too there are further categories.

Manipulation of features and makeup for the sake of beauty is something that has been on this planet for a long time.

It is due to the usage that the impact and the reasons were studied. A survey showed that British women uses almost $13000 in her entire lifetime for just looking beautiful.

Makeup has been used as a way to hide ones identity or to sharpen it.

It has been the women’s favorite from as long as men can remember.

It was considered earlier that the reason behind using makeup has been to attract a partner but with time things got a little different.

Although many women use makeup as a way to better their looks so they become attractive in front of their partners or potential partners women have now taken makeup as a means to skip some things.

The scientists have researched on this topic too to understand the greatest enigma, women.

Nowadays the makeup used is to show the status symbol and the moods of the women. The makeup trends change real quick such that the lipstick shade which was considered the best one month is the least rated the next month.

Makeup has become a means of competition.

It is just a war of paints and women fight to look better and stronger in their looks.

It is the way media has progressed and the lives of celebrities which affect the lives of the common women.

They consider the beauty on the camera to be the real one while the case is total opposite.

Makeup has been a topic for debate for a long time and these debates have grown fiercer now.

The debate is whether natural or makeup look should be considered beautiful.

Along with the arguments of females males have also took upon themselves to talk about the matter.

Males and many females have agreed that the best beauty is one that is natural, where you don’t have to hide your flaws.

Natural look doesn’t meant to not use any product but using it in a way
that is subtle and doesn’t speak of fakeness since that is the look which is soothing to eyes and what is beauty if not calming to the eyes and soul.

Go for beauty that gives an effect to the mind and eyes of relaxation and not uneasiness.

Natural Look VS Makeup

Spending hours in front of the dresser to get all those beauty products on your face and finally beaming in the mirror with cherry lips.


After this there is a long discussion on which product to use and which shade once you finally get to where you were going.

This is a routine for women these days.

The reasons behind are many including the confidence it gives them since their flaws are hidden, some actually adore makeup and how those color can affect the looks while the last category is of the women who dress and doll up to impress a guy and appear appealing.

While the first two types of ladies don’t care for the world and how it sees them the third one does.

When you are dolling up for someone else you should be aware of whether the person wants it or not.

While conducting a survey it has been seen that most men would like to see a female in her natural beauty.

Many men go on to call this betrayal but well let’s face it women would be
pretty bummed too if the man is one thing the first minute and other thing the next.

Natural look will always be the better one for men and other women too.

The makeup look gives the glamour you wish but in the long run it damages your skin.

Although the flaws become prominent in the non-makeup look it is always advisable and gives a natural glow which is nothing compared to makeup.

Natural Beauty Facts


Beauty is what comes within.

This is a quote that has been famous for a long time but few people have actually believed in it.

Beauty is always talked relating to the physical appearance and not to the soul within that is a flaw of our society but it is what it is.

When it comes to physical appearance the best of the beauties is the one that is natural.

Natural beauty comes in two ways one with putting a very little amount of makeup
that gives a subtle look and the other to have no makeup at all on your face.

In the first way little of your flaws can be hid while the second one is for those who confidently carry their flaws as their identity.

Natural beauty is what attracts others because you can’t be made up all the time.

It is a fact that men are always attracted to women who are confident in their natural form and do not wish to be with women who constantly apply makeup because they are over conscious regarding how they look.

To people in general the no makeup look is always soothing.

The real way to attain natural beauty is to get the right amount of food.

Dieting is always the cause of making your skin go bad.

The number one way to improve your natural look is by eating well because your physical appearance is always the reflection of what you actually eat.

Eat well and stay beautiful!

Makeup Facts


Makeup is the favorite friend of women.

From a long time women have been using products to change the way to look either to attract someone or to look beautiful to themselves.

Let’s today discuss a few of the many makeup facts some known and some totally unknown to people.

To start off the word cosmetic comes from a Greek word ‘kosmos’ which means to arrange.

Cosmetics are the products one uses for makeup.

The use of makeup can be traced back to the times of ancient Egyptians who used to take pills and use cream on their skin against the dryness.

A fun fact is that in America more money is used up on makeup than used on education.

Moving on with further facts, the introduction of the famous nail colors was first made in 1919 and the color that was introduced at the time was a faint shade of pink.

The lipstick was first seen almost 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia.

The synthetic modern hair dye was first introduced in 1907 by L’Oréal.

Another shocking fact is that in Roman era not only women but men too used to
color their lips using lipstick since it was a way to show their social status.

The first time appearance of the hairspray was in 1960 and that too by L’Oréal.

The first deodorant (roll-on) entered the market in 1952.

With time the makeup has evolved and now special attention is paid on
the ingredients that make up the products since this is one of the biggest industries of the world.

Your Heading Here

Your Heading Here

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