St. Tropez Applicator Mitt (For Face & Body)

The St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt evenly distributes all the tanning formulas onto the skin, for flawless results with every application.

It is the best selling Mitt.


St.Tropez is proud to be the top premium tanning brand chosen globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors.

As the USA’s leader in self-tanning, we pride ourselves in offering the ultimate tanning experience.

Perfect SPF 50:

This product gives even and smooth results.The water-resistant barrier makes sure that the fingers remain unstained as you glide on your St.Tropez product.


  • Keeps hands unstained
  • Creates water-resistant barrier
  • Allows for easier, even application
  • Washable with gentle soap and water.


  •  Requires careful washing.
  •  Do not wash with warm water

How to Use:

Remove the mitt from the plastic outer wrap, put onto your hand and then add your chosen tanning product onto the application side. Then, with long sweeping motions, work the product into your skin. To clean, soak in soapy water, rinse and let dry.

Our Final Verdict:

A must-have for applying mousse formula tan and makes the application really smooth and easy to blend and buff into the skin with no streaks.It makes application quick and hassle-free.

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