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Profusion Makeup Review

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Profusion is the brand name for the best eyeshadows and offer the best palettes. If you are one of the makeup artists or a person who knows much about makeup you must have heard the name of Profusion. The makeup offered by Profusion provides a highly pigmented colors with a professional quality that is required to get a look flawless look. It has recently launched 30 new products which have been trending. The contouring kits and the eyeshadow palettes have been such a blast and it has been only getting better from its first release. The best part with this is the price are perfect with respect to the quality and the quantity of the product.

The profusion cosmetics mixed metal palette is the beautiful eyeshadow palette that offers 9 shades and is priced at $9.99 only. The packaging has been described as luxury by the people who have used it. The look is glamorous and provides a beautiful finishing. The packaging is glittery and makes you want to dive in as soon as you receive it and once you have opened it you will find a clean rectangular mirror with the nine shades which are of adequate quantity. The palette offers neutral colors which have an edge of gold and there are some with a rose gold and some with a silver metallic finish. The blending with this palette is super easy with extra shades with highlighting. There are good shades for the lid and the crease too. This is one of the most popular products of the Profusion brand and used by people who are beginners in makeup since the easy blending and build up allows those girls to learn fast and achieve a good look even on their first try.

Another palette consists of smoky eyeshadows and costs around $6.99 only. The colors are solid. The packaging is easy to carry around since the hard tin snaps close easily without any issues. The best part about the palette is that it is accompanied with a brush. The normal makeup palettes have sponge like “brushes” which get worn-out real quick and are of no use simply when you have to blend the product. The brush you get with this is of lasting quality and the use is very smooth too. The brush is double-ended with one side being the flat one used for shading and the other side is softer with more flexibility and can be used for blending purposes. The matte options in this palette are more than in any other smoky kit palette and few shades from this can be used for a nude look as an everyday use. It is the best option thus since both the things come in one package at very low cost.

These are two of the many products Profusion has launched. And the reviews for each one gets better. The quality has never been compromised while the quantity increased and the price has never gotten out of the range that could be afforded by normal users. It has been anonymously voted as the best option for makeup palette for everyday use as well as for a full glam look. Like every other product there are negative reviews but to find them you really will have to look very hard since the product quality has been tried by many people and those on whose words you can actually trust. With this being said you know whether you should try the products or not and since the product is at a low cost with super good reviews it is always better to give it a try.

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