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Before I share my Tips & Tricks on hosting a fun and fabulous Mary Kay party, I'd like to share my story about how I felt in love with Mary Kay products. Before using Mary Kay makeup, I used to hear this: "You look tired! your eyes are cloudy! Are you sick?... etc.".

This is what people said whenever I met any of them which make me disappointed even that I did put some concealer under my eyes and put mascara to my lashes but it seems the quality of the product it's not that good one.

As a mom, I always feel tired and don't have time to take care of myself. So, I used to buy any makeup product without reading anything about it, you know how is the copy makeup is really a disaster.

But once My friend has told me about Mary kay products and asked me to try the lipstick, usually I forget to put a gloss because it will disappear after a while or while I'm drinking a coffee for example, So I tried Rosewood lipstick and I admired it. It was so soft on the lip and didn't rupture it. From here I become interested in Marry Kay products but I still didn't buy any of this product. Once I heard a group of women were talking about a party for a makeup product which was a beautiful and fun party.

We're moms and all of us have a busy schedule. Let's get some rest and go away from the pressure of the daily life and do a makeup party for Mary kay products. A woman has come and brought Mary kay cosmetics so I tried the concealer and here was the surprise! It really covered the flaws under my eyes and the dark circles just vanished! From that moment I decided to buy the concealer and mascara which seem as a drug to me I used to put these product servery day. Now l feel that my face is fresh as I'm using a natural product.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Old is Gold!... How?

New things will beold so you have to keep these value products in a box ribbed especially for Mary Kay product.This box is as a small bag/ case to keep all the products inside, you may now say that these bags are expensive, but it will keep and save your gold for long time.

This box available in different ways as a fabulous sweet and small case for parties with the logo of Mary Kay, and a cart rolling bag available in pink and black colors also it can use as a clothes luggage! So, it's two in one product.

Keeping bags in the room is not that pretty sight so Mary kay has boxes to storage the cosmetics in your room.In this manner, since they're free of dust, the products will stay in great condition, damp, together with factors.

Try to get several storage boxes particularly if you have a large collection. For sure there is a label for each box to sort the products and to save time.It's available in several colors, sizes, and features. Just a hint, try to mix colors and buy boxes with different colors it will add a modern style to your room.

It's all up to you! You can have a box with contrasting colors, it all depends on your artistic taste. You can get any box you want in a high quality but if you don't want to spend money you can go and buy from any online stores but it will never live as long as Mary kay boxes and bags. Good products Such as Mary Kay also deserve great quality storage containers.

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