Makeup Travel Bag

Makeup Travel Bag

For some of us, face time with the world is just beginning. If we're having a rough day, the first thing we turn to is makeup—and if you're like us, a lot of that may also be your go-to look for a few hours. So, as the season winds on in earnest, we're sure you'll be looking at a few brand new beauty bags. (And we mean this as a compliment; you're a good match for our beauty style list—go forth and choose your bag, too.)

What is the best makeup bag?

The question has been asked by many a teen and adult makeup addict; and honestly it is one we struggle for answers to. After talking with makeup artists from the top UK, Europe and US brands, I think the answer would be "Aah, it depends."

If you want to try a new look or style, we highly recommend giving The Good Karma Cosmetics Bag a go – it's a beautiful canvas to work in!

For our top picks though… The Estee Lauder Stay All Day Bag

This is one of our most loved makeup bag, and also our most common favorite. It's so comfortable on our arm, you'll want to stash it under your arm, or even put it back in your purse.

What's amazing about this bag is that it also has a lot of great detailing - from the strap, to the handbag, to the lid (the 'stretchy' part – no wonder why it's so popular).

What's in your travel makeup bag?

My travel makeup bag has a lot of things that I need for a lot of work, and to get to where I need to go (including a lot of work), I still need my travel makeup bag," says Hetzel. The beauty blogger admits it can be hard to find products with the consistency of a water bottle or the consistency of a beauty cream.

"I like to keep my makeup items with me to the job – I don't use them everywhere! Plus I use them everyday, but I still prefer to save them in a travel makeup bag that can be stashed away in my desk drawer every once in a while," adds Rhea W.

Travel cosmetics might be easier to use

"I find traveling makeup much easier to use than in your face products," says Rhea W. She admits that while she still requires a little work when trying to blend her makeup – which requires a little practice to get right – she's actually learned how to blend her makeup with ease, thanks to her travels.

How do I organize my makeup bag?

For the most basic makeup bag, you just need a single organizer. But this kind of bag is more than enough. As your makeup bags and palettes grow, you can add more organizers and storage and make them adaptable to the various needs of makeup bag gurus or makeup brand owners. A good rule of thumb is that you might be better off having a small organizer for one bag than a much larger organizer for another. Also, be careful not to over stuff your small organizer with a bunch of small beauty bags and large makeup palettes. You do better to keep some things neatly tucked away in a small bag so they can be accessed only via a small key or a small clip on to a keyhole.

Some people are also interested in having some kinds of compartments in their makeup bag. For example, you might have a small drawer with a lot of makeup in it and use the small bag as a small comp box where you store some brushes, eyeshadow, lip gloss and powder.

How do you travel with makeup?

It depends on how I get the chance to travel. I really just wanted to travel as long as I could. I'm really excited about playing in L.A. and I know a lot of fans are. I don't want to say, you know, I don't have it, I don't understand, what's going on with this, but I just want to experience it. L.A. is a great city and it's a great city for me to experience.

I travel light – I like having a makeup kit with me wherever I go. I have two sets of basic tools, mostly lip, brow, and eye pencils, and a few extras, including this little lip balm I got from Nars: I love using it for my lips – it's perfect for me because it's really light, it dries in five minutes, it's easy to remove, and you can keep it on for a long time.

How do you wash a makeup bag?

A brush will work most of the time but you also need to remove the makeup with shampoo – I recommend using a mild facial cleanser if you're going to use a blender. Soap is very effective – especially for long-term use – but will not remove as much as a brush.

Wash your makeup bag with a warm, wet washcloth.

Once your bag is dry, then apply one part of a face wash (like Clarins Face wash or Bioderma Ultimate Cleanser) to the top of the bag – the side closest to your face.

A face wash should not go too deep, you want to remove and minimise any impurities – especially if you're using a facial cleanser, as it is more likely to break down.

I find it best to use the face wash in conjunction with your face soap – and then rinse your bag and towel off.

You should only use your face wash if you have some liquid in there to wipe off the excess.

How do you store makeup brushes in a makeup bag?

The beauty bar and cosmetics bag do best if the brushes are close together, so that the mascara is always in the same place in between them so the product won't end up clogging up the bristles. In addition, the bag won't hold very much makeup, so you need to be very careful that you don't end up with tons of product clogging up.

For this reason, I always find that it's best to carry either a makeup bag (which I've included below), a beauty brush box (one of these is the perfect choice for that), or both, so that your makeup can be neatly arranged and easily organized. If a beauty bar holds products too big to fit nicely in a beauty bag, simply stack it in the beauty bag instead.

How do you store makeup brushes for travel?

I have two small travel brushes, a brush with one point and one point with the other. I use them in my travel bag because I have these brushes on each end—I'm a very minimalist sort of person—that are the sort of ones that I carry with me.

Are you still using the same brushes that you used for your original collection, or is this new collection an evolution of your original collection, and did you find yourself getting your creative juices for this new collection on that new collection?

Most makeup brushes come in a plastic bag, and some travel in a clear jar. What do you do if you forget the bottle?

For traveling, you can keep brushes in the refrigerator, in a small bag or in a small suitcase. In the case of the smaller travel size, these might be in a small ziplock shoe or something like that.

You put the brushes in that tiny storage bag, and use them right away. But if you haven't put them in a bag yet…

You put them in the refrigerator, and it's cold and stuffy out here. I do keep them in a big metal freezer bag, which is an interesting thing because it makes them a bit more airtight. I'm not usually a fan of airtight things.

Where can I pack my makeup when flying?

You can pack your makeup either on the plane or on your suitcase, depending on where you're going and whether you have specific times during the flight when you can take the makeup off. Make sure that you have the makeup box set in your carry-on and a separate one in the checked-in luggage. It will be a hassle, but it won't take too much time and it reduces the chance that you will have to unpack or check bags. In addition, don't forget to pack a couple of loose makeup brushes or an eyeliner pencil (or two!), a loose primer or blush and a mascara if you have any on you. When you've packed everything, make sure you know what to do with your makeup when you get off the plane.

The standard size of carry on is 4.2 pounds. For larger bags, add or add an additional item to your cart. It goes into the "Check It Out" box, and we will do our best to fit it in.

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