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How To Remove Eye Makeup

The most difficult task to do once you come home after a long, tiring day is to remove your makeup. The toughest of all is the eye makeup especially if one doesn’t use the right product. You need to be extra cautious, because the skin around the eye is quite sensitive and thin. There are several ways to remove eye makeup depending upon your skin type.

One of the most convenient methods is to use makeup wipes. They are easy to use and not at all complex. You just need to gently rub it against your eye and it will get rid of the toughest waterproof mascara. It can even be used to remove makeup from the entire face. Or if makeup wipes are not available then you can use some baby wipes. Keep some of them on your bed side and all you need to do is grab one after coming from a party and simply wipe it across your eyelids.

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For sensitive eyes, one must search for Cornflower water in their eye makeup remover. It helps a lot in removing even the last bit of a black eye liner and mascara. One can simply use a cotton pad and drop some of the mixture on it and soak the eye, then gently remove the mascara from the eye lashes and specially remove the makeup near the ends of the eye. A Q-tip can be used to remove dirt from inside of the waterline and also the bottom lash line.  

If you went for a heavy eye makeup look or you put on a lot of waterproof mascara then you need a makeup remover that has oils in it which makes it easier to remove all the makeup. Before using the product, shake the bottle to mix the oil and water. The mixture of water and oil is the best combination to remove a lot of heavy makeup. It doesn’t even leave the skin super oily and is best for dry skin. This is used by a lot of people and is quite successful.

Another very affordable and pain-free way to remove eye makeup is to use any “tear free” baby shampoo. It can easily remove waterproof or normal mascara, eye shadow and liner without any burning. Firstly, wet your eyes with tap water by the help of some cotton balls. Wipe the cotton balls over the eyeballs and make sure the process is mess free. Then dab some baby shampoo and gently massage it for a while. Although it is tear free, but keep your eyes closed in case the foam gets in your eye, so you don’t really want to take any risk with your eyes. Lastly, clean the eye with lukewarm water and grab a washcloth to remove all traces of the foam. In the end use a dry cloth for the final step.

There are many other products at your home that you can use to easily remove eye makeup, you can find them lying around your house or in your local health food store. A little dab of hair conditioner can do the job. Another safe way is the use of petroleum jelly to remove and waterproof eye makeup.

Once you are done removing your eye makeup, make sure to put a little eye cream to keep the eye area moisturised, to prevent it from aging. The skin near your eye is quite fragile so treat it as so. You can test multiple methods on your skin and choose the one which is the most effective and affordable for you. 

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