Essence Makeup Review 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Essence Makeup Review

What does a person look for while going to shop for a makeup product? The quantity and the quality is the number one thing that a product must have to be in the choice list of the buyer. Another thing that matters is the price that is associated with the product. If the item has an excellent quality but the price is really very high the buyer will have to think a lot before actually buying it. While if the product has a little less quality than the one mentioned yet has a great difference in the price we all know which product the buyer will choose. They are always ready to compromise a little on quality when it comes to the price so the best product is one where the quality is good and the quantity is adequate with a reasonable price. Now the quality cannot be judged immediately. You need to either try it or read the numerous reviews on the web which can add to your confusion.

The product that has been very popular is its blush. The blush is one of the favorite products of ladies since it provides them the cherry cheeks that are very much desirable and give a beautiful end result. The normal blush products that come either give you an oily skin which corrupts the entire look you were to carry and others that are matte feel chalky and this makes you itchy sometimes and the look also feels a bit distorted. With the blush that is offered by the essence makeup products the face feels smooth and the ‘Matt Touch Blush’ is a dark pink shade which can be used to even give you a lighter subtle look. The texture after application is very smooth and the softness is hard to miss. The color is one of those which is totally gorgeous. The blush is highly pigmented but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply it for an everyday use since it is highly blend able as well as buildable and you canchoose which shade you wish to carry. The darker the shade you want the heavier application you can use and for a lighter shade do the opposite. The blush costs just $2.5 which for a product with such blending options is very less. Even if it doesn’t put up with your expectations, which it definitely will, such less money won’t make you regret choosing this.

The next product that you must look at is the lip liner essence offers. The lip liner is although a very small part of the entire look but it can alone change the way you look. A better finishing can be attained by just using the right color and the right look. The lip liners are offered at $1 only. The problem with lip liners is the longevity. With the essence lip liners you won’t have to worry about that since these are fairly long-lasting. Aside from this the application is really smooth as well. A little issue that can happen with this product is that it might make the lips feel dry sometime after the application but that isn’t much of a bigger issue since a little lip balm before application can save you from this. Since the price is really reasonable with a durable product and smooth application the choice isn’t that difficult to make. You can try their ‘In the Nude’ and ‘Cute pink’ shade which can give you color for everyday use and also the use for a full glam look.

The prices are low and you can easily choose between the varieties they have to offer.

Top 20 Essence Products To Buy in 2019

Essence Longlasting Lipstick - 09 Wear Berries

Essence Longlasting Lipstick

Type: Lipstick

Essence Brush-On Mascara Get Big! Lashes (lashes waterproof volume boost)



Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer 1oz, pack of 1

Awake Primer

Type:Awake Primer

Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish, 03 Space Glam, 0.30 Fl Oz

nail polish

Type: Nail Polish

Essence Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder, 01 Mix It Blonde 

Eyebrow Powder

Type: Eyebrow Powder

Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish, 01 Outta Space Is The Place, 0.30 Fl Oz

Nail Polish

Type: Nail Polish

Essence Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour 03 Aquatic Chic, pack of 1

Glossy Lip Colour

Type: Glossy Lip Colour

Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil, pack of 1

Eye Pencil

Type: Eye Pencil

Essence Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine Unicorn Powder 01 0.08oz, pack of 1

Lip Shine

Type: Lip Shine

Essence Kajal Pencil, 08 Teddy

Kajal pencil

Type: Kajal pencil

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Sets 01 Natural Brunette Style

Eyebrow set

Type: Eyebrow set

Essence Mousse Foundation Soft Touch 01 Matt Sand

makeup powder

Type: Makeup Powder

Essence Longlasting Lipstick, 01 Coral Calling


Type: lipstick

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Dreaming of Love #77

Nail Polish

Type: Nail Polish

Essence Metal Shock Lipstick Pink Metallica 04, pack of 1


Type: Lipstick

Essence Tint & Colour Shot, Pink Happiness pack of 1

Tint & Colour Shot

Type: Tint & Colour Shot

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss 01 Pure Chic


Type: Lipgloss

Essence Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine Scarab Wings 03 0.08oz, pack of 1

Lip Shine

Type: Lip Shine

Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer Pastel Pink, pack of 1

Liquid Concealer

Type: Liquid Concealer

Essence Make Me Glow Liquid Highlighter 0.254 oz, pack of 1

Glow Liquid

Type: Glow Liquid Highlighter

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