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About HeartFelt Posters

Rachel Denys


Writer and Makeup Expert

I am a mother of two little school kids, Who love to write blogs and have had accomplished makeup certification, I am also housewife live with my husband and my two little kids.


reading books and makeup design

Why Heartfeltposters?

I created heartfelt poster website in April 2018, the reason when I was in college during makeup lecturer I learned 90% world girls are in love with makeup, So I made this site to help them to find best makeup brushes, best makeup sets etc to buy from Amazon, not only for buy I also share pieces of information of makeup here to help girls to know what you should know before doing makeup. everything you will find at the heartfelt poster. any question you can contact me via contact us form, I will try to reply or even you can comment on related pages on the heartfelt poster.